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EmmeY Makeup Artistry

Professional Makeup Artist

About Elina

When I was a child, I got ahold of my mother's Yves St. Laurent lipstick.  Rather than creating some artwork on the freshly painted walls, I put it to proper use.  I carefully rolled up the lipstick, meticulously applied it  to every curve and peak of my lips, and gently rolled the crimson bullet back down into its luxurious casing.  My mother was floored and knew her makeup collection was no longer her own.


I have been working in the makeup industry for over 17 years. Prior to my professional career in cosmetics, I was a self taught makeup artist always eager to paint the faces of my family and friends.   With over 15,000 faces touched, I hope to make each person feel as though they are the only one in the room.  My gentle touch, attention to detail and desire to make everyone feel good about themselves is what my clients seem to comment about consistently.  

My family is my world.  We are all connected on this ride of life.  Our first innitials bind us together to create the name e.m.m.e.y.

I am incredibly thankful for the gift of working with people from many walks of life.  I love hearing their stories whether they are hovering in a complacent cloud, beginning to ascend to their goals, or if they have reached the pinnacle of their dreams.  Each person is unique and beautiful.

"You are your most beautiful when you walk through my door; clean face, no makeup.  Makeup is a different kind of pretty." - Elina







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