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Wedding or Event Services

Makeup Trial: $90 per person at my studio in Towson 

          -for the STAR or anyone else wanting a trial

          -individual or strip lashes included

          -traditional application

Bride or Event Star: $120 (price with a 5 person minimum)

          -individual or strip lashes included

          -traditional application

Bridesmaid or Event Makeup Attendant: $90 per person

           (price with a 5 person minimum)

          -individual or strip lashes

          -traditional application

Retainer:  A non refundable retainer of $120 is required to reserve your time                        slot on your event date.  This retainer will go toward your balance on                      the day of your event.  This is nonrefundable and will be forfeited if                        you cancel or change your event date.

Travel:  There is no travel fee for up to 40 miles round trip from my home                          studio in Towson.  If over 40 miles, the price will be discussed.

Tolls and Parking:  Reimbursement is required for all tolls, parking and valet                     parking.

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